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Our puppy is really healthy nice and loving Kelli & Judy are really nice and it was good working with them. The process of the getting the puppy was not hard at all. Everything was perfect I recommend Judy and Kelli
Brittany Campbell

I cannot tell you enough good things about buying a puppy from Judy and Kelli. I dealt alot with Judy more than Kelli, but both of them are very kind and I still keep in touch with Judy and send her pictures of our Goldie. We searched for a good breeder everywhere because we were very picky and were, like you, worried about getting a healthy puppy as we had a very bad experience before. I found Judy and Kelli on and emailed them and they had me sold. Judy sent me pictures of the puppy before and after we sent them the deposit. They made everything go so smoothly and really worked with us being so far away from them. We live in San Antonio, TX. We sent them a deposit to hold the puppy and then sent the remaining balance when the puppy was 7weeks old and they shipped her at 8 weeks. The shipping process also went very smoothly and we picked our puppy up from the airport cargo area and the rest is history. Our Goldie is a golden retriever and is very healthy. We have not had any health problems with her. She is beautiful.
Jaime Boyd (210) 633-9485  San Antonio, TX

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This was the first time we had purchased a dog through the Internet. We were very nervous and concerned about absolutely everything. Our Golden Retriever puppy (Maddison) was due to fly from South Dakota, to Tucson, AZ on Nov 16th, 2007. We picked her up from the Delta Cargo folks at 9:35pm. Even though she had been in her travel crate for a long time, Maddison was very happy to see us. She has acclimated herself to our house very well. Our 10 year old female German Shepherd loves her. Our three cats are not so thrilled, yet. LOL One of my former co-workers ended up with a Golden from the same breeder from a 2006 litter. Our Maddison now has a cousin less than 2 miles from us. As is the case with Maddison, Harmony is a very well adjusted Golden with no health problems whatsoever. Kelli and Judy are top notch dog breeders. I would definitely do business with them again. Ret.SMCS AT gmail dot com

Jon & Lynn , December 3, 2007