The puppies are raised with lots of love. They are completely SPOILED by the time they get to their new homes ! We don’t let our babies leave until they have been wormed, have their first vaccination and are eating good. That’s usually eight weeks.
All of my dogs and puppies receive regular check-ups by our Veterinarians. You will receive a health record with your puppy, stating the he or she is healthy and up to date on everything. You should take your new baby to your Veterinarin within 72 hours
The shipping fee, the carrier and the Veterinarian certificate of health 
After one of our puppies has stolen your heart, We will hold it for you for a $200.00 deposit. Final payment should be made 10 days before the puppy is picked up or shipped. 

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~ I Love My Little Puppy ~ 

I love my little puppy, she makes my house a home.

She always is my best friend, I never feel alone.

She makes me smile, she makes me laugh,

She fills my heart with love...

Did some breeder breed her or did she fall down from above. 

 What would our world
be like with out pets?
One of my friends once
told me that she thought
God gave us pets,
so we could experience
unconditional love first
hand. They do seem to
always love us regardless.

                       TOP 10 REASONS TO HAVE A DOG

10-I love hair in my coffee.

9-Never did like having a full nights sleep.

8-Wanted my vet to get a new BMW.

7-thought the furniture looked too nice.

6-Love the sounds of puppies in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening,
 midnight, pre-dawn.

5-garden and backyard needed renovations, and didn't want to pay 
a gardener.

4-Neighbors didn't complain enough.

3-Kids weren't enough of a challenge.

2-If you can train and show one dog, why not ten?

1-Wanted to see if spouse really meant those vows.


 Looking for a soft, cuddly companion to curl up in your lap & keep you company? We feel sure one of our "Spring Grove Puppies" is the perfect choice! 
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